‘When We Rise’ It Shines

A new mini series tackling the history of the LGBT community.

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When We Rise

Earlier this year Duncan Lance Black released his new ABC show When We Rise. The series focuses on the LGBT community’s struggle and the individuals who helped pioneer a small portion of the civil rights movement.

The four part mini-series shows the personal and political struggles over a forty-five-year-long battle for equal rights. It helps draw parallels between the LGBT plight now and allows us to compare it to back in the 70’s and see how far we have come.

The show reminds us that we have made great strides in demanding equality while at the same time telling us how far we have to go, with some countries still not allowing sam sex marriage and some even making it illegal to be gay.

This hard-hitting drama reminds us of the past and how painful it was, it educates people on the history of the LGBT community and why it is important to be seen as equals.

The series was inspired by LGBT activist Cleve Jones‘ memoir When We Rise: My Life in the Movement.


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