IKEA Imagines a 17th Century Instagram

IKEA travels back to the 1700s and reimagines what the world would have been like with the social platform Instagram.

IKEA Imagines 17th Century Instagram [image source: bandt.com.au], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
IKEA Imagines 17th Century Instagram [image source: bandt.com.au]

IKEA has recently released content on their social media platforms which focuses on the 17th century and re-imagines what life would have been like if Instagram was around back in this era.

Stockholm advertising agency ACNE created and produced the Let’s Relax video, available on YouTube, which was directed by Tompa & Rondo. IKEA’s goal of this online project is to inspire people to rediscover and enjoy the simple things in life such as cooking, eating, being together, and enjoying each other’s company. The spot concludes with the words, “It’s a meal. Not a competition.”

ACNE’s creative director, Johan Holmgren explained in a brief statement, “We’ve arrived at a moment in time where the expectations we bring with us into the kitchen hold us back from what we might like to do. Not only expectations that others put upon us, but also those which we put upon ourselves when we believe that we have to present a ‘perfect’ image of ourselves online.”

Click on the link below to get the full experience of IKEA’s latest project:

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