5SOS Announces Australian Tour, Or Did They?

5SOS announced their 2016 Australian tour dates and enraged teens all over the country.

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5 Seconds of Summer (Image Source AltPress)

Australian music sensation, 5 Seconds of Summer, announced at the ARIA Awards that they will be touring their home country in September and October 2016.

Now, you would think that the teens of the land down under would rejoice but, alas, there were problems.

First off, there will only be three shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Ok cool not that bad. True fans will make their way to one of those hubs and call it an evening.

Second, and the worst part of it all, they scheduled the shows in the cities’ smaller arenas, meaning that people will be fighting for tickets.

Naturally, teens took to twitter to voice their frustrations with this “betrayal” from 5SOS to their home country

And finally

Things got real. Australian teens are pissed. Guess we better get some cheap flight tickets and go see them in the US!