You’re Late! Doesn’t Mean You’re Pregnant

Figure out why your monthly visitor isn’t punctual

Women's Health
Women's Health

We all envy those women who get their ‘little friend’ every 28 days. They’re the kind of person that has perfect hair and floats on a cloud of realised dreams and fulfillment. Or maybe that’s resentment talking? Either way, for the rest of us, our periods can arrive at any time and burst forward like the elevator from The Shining. It’s a horror film in our pants with no indication for when the killer will strike. While I can’t make Eve’s curse run on time, I can tell you why it might be happening.

  • Stress!

Life can suck sometimes, and in response your ovaries FREAK OUT. They want to participate in life just a much as you do during stressful times; zero. Try to drink a cup of tea and chill out.

  • Birth Control

While it is a very handy thing to have, let’s not pretend that birth control is always positive. It can really mess you up. With all of those hormones playing around with ya bits, sometimes things go a little astray. Be sure to check with your doctor if your birth control is behaving abnormally.

  • Thyroid Imbalance

If your body is a little out of whack, you might need to go in for some blood tests to determine whether your thyroid is either overactive or underactive.

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