You Did What At the Grand Canyon?

Time to get creative
Time to get creative

You know what I’m sick of seeing?

Family photoshoots printed on canvas and hung up around a home. Oddly specific, I know.

It just triggers me every damn time I see it. Think about it; these people have gone out of their way to organise a time when everyone is free, pay a photographer (which is NOT cheap) AND pay for the photos to be printed on a canvas. Not to mention the effort it takes to actually put them up on a wall, make sure they’re straight, pick the right areas to showcase your ‘happy’ family.

My point is, it’s so premeditated and forceful that it makes me scream.


Why are people putting their time, money and resources into something that is so bland? Why not a nice dinner? Or a car? Or a holiday?

Speaking of holidays, we all have random photos that are taken on holidays with the family, right?

Well, I propose something new to do with said photography. Let’s all be honest, no one actually uses these photos. SOME people make albums out of it, most people just keep them on a hard drive and barely see them again.

I have a solution to both problems I just laid out. First of all, everyone tear down your horrid stock-image-esque family photoshoot canvas’. You don’t need them.

Secondly, collate your holiday photos and/or videos and choose your best items from the lot.

Lastly, head onto spiffand select one of the many sizes of canvasand create your own canvas portraits that are NOT stock-image and actually have memories and quality stories attached to it.

Make a canvas with your family outside the Louvre. Design one of Uluru. Heck use actual stock-images and just add your own personalised videos that you’ve taken as a family. Spend a solid 30 minutes chatting about your trip and showing people the videos on the AR app. Literally do ANYTHING other than more family photoshoots with uncomfortable smiles and white backdrops. I beg you.


Make a canvas.

Add a photo.

Add a video.

Share the fun.