Wine And Dine: Matching Your Drink to Your Occasion

While there is a wine for every occasion, it doesn’t mean that every wine will suit every occasion.

wine and dine
wine and dine

An especially tannic Cabernet Sauvignon or boutique Malbec may be out of place at your simple family gathering, while a Moscato d’Asti might be too light to complement your high-end corporate lunch. Wine and dine to maximum effect with our recommendations for a range of different occasions, from celebrations and dinners to late-morning meals.

For a catch-up dinner with friends: Moscato

Sweet, fruity and smooth, Moscatos are known for being one of the easiest drinking wines. Its lighter bodied profile, characterised by notes of peach and orange blossom, make it the ultimate crowd pleaser.

For a Sunday bottomless brunch: Riesling

Forget mimosas and reach for a glass of dry Riesling to complement your brunch. If your reasons for a Sunday gathering are celebratory, a sparkling variety such as Prosecco is a fantastic option.

For a date night: Merlot

Embrace the colour of love with a smooth red such as Merlot, which has the added benefit of matching well with a number of different foods. If you and your date prefer something lighter, blush-hued Rosés are a great alternative.

For a big celebration: Champagne

Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, milestone birthday or a job promotion, one thing is certain: a bottle of bubbly is likely to be present! Sparkling wines such as Champagne are appropriate for almost every celebration, while a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon suits more subdued events like corporate functions.

For a dinner party: Syrah or Chardonnay

Matching your wine to your meal can be difficult, especially if there’s a variety of food on offer. A full-bodied red such as Syrah or Shiraz will complement meatier dishes, while Chardonnay will accompany most chicken and seafood dishes. Not sure what is on the menu? French Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir are flexible and approachable options that will adapt to many dinner party cuisines.

Whatever the occasion, ensure that you store your wine at its optimum temperature so it is ready to go upon serving. The team here at Grand Cru can assist you with our range of premium wine fridges – visit us at explore our sleek and sophisticated cabinets.