Why Your ATAR is not the Last Straw When it Comes to Your Future

Study in your own time, from home

Why Your ATAR is not the Last Straw When it Comes to Your Future

Whether you’ve just finished year 12 or you’re looking to head back into study, for a lot of us we’re not always stoked with the results that we achieve in high school and a stigma that we often hear is that without the perfect ATAR or a university degree that it’s impossible to work in the field that you’ve always wanted.

However, there’s countless ways to still achieve the goals you want without the perfect results.

Tafe and Diplomas.

The increase of tafe courses and diplomas has allowed students to access alternative methods of study that allow you to study in your own time, from home and to still work and obtain an income at the same time. For many students who don’t love the classroom on campus feel of learning, these are an excellent solution to continuing study.

The benefits of trying out a tafe course or completing a diploma are simple, they’re much cheaper than a university degree, they provide more freedom and give a specialised area of study. They also don’t require you to have a certain ATAR to be eligible. Simply completing school or for certain areas a Year 10 or equivalent pass will grant you access.

They’re also effective as pathways to university should that be where your study takes you, many universities also offer subsidies for students who have completed courses or diplomas.

In short, a non-perfect score at the end of high school shouldn’t dishearten you from continuing further study, there’s always options for those that love to learn.