McDont’s When Paying for Your Food

What not to do in the drive-thru

McDont’s When Paying for Your Food

Pulling into the drive thru to crush that fast food craving is something we all do often, probably more often than we’d like to admit, but did you know that you might be at risk of a fine and loss of demerit points for the way you pay for your nuggets?

Victoria Police posted a poll on their Facebook page asking users, “when using a fast-food outlet’s drive-through service, can I use my phone to pay?” With the options either being yes or no, the results showed 65% of users saying yes and 35% saying no.

The answer is in fact no.

Using your mobile device to pay for your food falls under the same category as using your mobile when driving. This means that if you wish to pay for your food using your mobile, the correct way to do so is to put your hand brake on and switch off the engine to your car, thus you are no longer considered driving. This rule applies across the country and not just in Victoria.

Many users were outraged at the seemingly ridiculous rule, hitting back with “Does that mean I can pull on the hand brake, turn off the car at the traffic lights and use my phone?”

What do you think? Is this rule a little extreme just to get your cheeseburger fix?