Why You Need this Juice in Your Fridge Now

Get to the grocery store asap.

Why You Need this Juice in Your Fridge Now

Upon opening the fridge to grab something to eat, I am always confronted with the same bright red bottle of pomegranate juice. My housemate swears by it, referring to the sweet glass of goodness as ‘the elixir of life’.

Not convinced? Here’s some evidence to back up his claims.

  1. Antioxidants

Also known as ‘free-radical scavengers’, antioxidants are substances that protect our bodies from free-radicals, aka bits of waste our cells produce after processing food and reacting to the environment. If our body can’t neutralise free-radicals effectively, we may become subject to oxidative stress. Research has shown that this can then lead to heart and inflammatory conditions, certain types of cancers and even neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

2. Digestion

Pomegranate’s contain 4g of fibre per 100g, making them higher than bananas in fibre content. As such, the juice can aid our digestive system. Being also an anti-inflammatory, it may also help those with conditions like Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or other inflammatory bowel diseases.

3. Vitamins

With a high content of vitamin C, E and K, pomegranate juice also contains folate and potassium. Vitamin C and E both have immune-boosting properties, while folate can play and important role in pregnancy and mental health.

4. Heart disease

Some studies have shown pomegranate juice can also improve blood flow and protect our arteries from cholesterol build up. However, just like some other juices, it may affect certain medication. It’s best to speak to your doctor before having the juice or any supplements.

Still haven’t convinced you? It also tastes absolutely delicious.