4 Reasons to Book Your Ticket and Intern Abroad

Why interning abroad is so much more than the seeing the Eiffel Tower.

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Intern Abroad

Thinking about going on an internship abroad? Consider your options.

Do you stay in your comfort zone and do a placement in your own country, or do you want to do something new that you’ll still be talking about in 10 years’ time?

Here are a few reasons to make the bold, adventurous choice and go abroad!

  1. Gain Independence

Living alone is like a big dive in the deep end, so imagine how your personality will develop by living alone in another country without a life-line from your parents.
What better way to become fully independent and get ready for your coming adulthood? Start making those meals, washing those clothes, and becoming your own guide. Not to mention, you’ll have new flatmates to travel and share new experiences with!

  1. Explore a New Culture

Forget everything you know. It’s time for a Spanish, French, or Italian version of yourself. Enjoy the differences that the city has to offer compared to your hometown. Taste different foods and explore the different cities.
Remember, you aren’t tied to the one city you’re living in. If you’re staying for a long time, start to look for cheap travel deals. Explore other countries, see every city, every hotspot, make every weekend feel like the best vacation ever!
Don’t let yourself settle into familiar things or activities and lose this opportunity to look at things from different angles.

Make memories, soak up everything you are offered, and get a new outlook on the whole world!

3. Strengthen Your CV

The experience you get while doing an internship abroad is tremendous, and you will be several steps ahead of the people who didn’t have this wonderful opportunity.

The best part is that by living in another country, you will automatically start learning the new language subconsciously. Put in a little effort, and you could even potentially add a new language to your resume!

  1. Networking

Time to expand that network with some valuable and fun people. Connect with your colleagues, your boss or the whole building.
Get out and take those coffee breaks. Go for a drink after work; learn the language and the local customs.
You will be spending 8 hours a day with each other, so find the perfect mix of fun and professional to optimise your time.

So, enjoy it! Embrace the country, become a new person and deeply strengthen and extend your personality with this opportunity of living abroad.