White on White: A Clean Set

White on white is a look that never gets old!

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White on White

All white outfits for every occasion? The White on White trend is one I have been seeing all over the fashion world over the past few months including shows from brands like Dior, Victoria Beckham, Etro, and Givenchy, and I am definitely a supporter. White is a timeless shade that has a very luxurious feel, the look is fresh and elegant and will definitely make you stand out from the

Style icons are choosing white as their colour of choice, paired with a statement bag or gorgeous silver shoes. White can be styled to create an elegant outcome, or on the other end of the spectrum a
bold one. Some stars you may have seen rocking this look include Alexa Chung, Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Hudgens, and Angelina Jolie. Coco Chanel, the major style icon wore white all year round.

A look I admire on many girls is the coloured hair and lips, with a head-to-toe white outfit. The white really makes the colour pop and their complexion glow, as white naturally will light up your skin and distract from imperfection. This cool, crisp tone will look effortlessly chic and flatter your body type.

Try this look at home! Style a bottom-to-top white ensemble with a statement piece, which may be lustrous jewels, coloured shoes or hair, or an infallible red lip, anything of the sort will definitely stand out when paired with the white look. Even white shoes can be a great match and when styled right can create a casual chic look. Or, try to wear white clothes of different textures, to create a
more unique finish and add interest to the outfit.

Last Words? This pure tone is for anyone and when styled right, a top-to-toe white ensemble can create a stunning look.

White is always a good idea.