What is it With White?

What is it about white walls? They’re simple, elegant, and everywhere. But that doesn’t mean they’re free from criticism.

Do you live in a narrow, dimly lit terrace house?

Many homeowners and decorators choose to steer clear of white for fear of ending up with a stark, dull, and lifeless home. Well fear not, because, when done right, white walls really do suit every kind of space. From classic British townhouses and Parisian apartments to modern coastal homes and quirky offices down under. White is the colour du jour, and probably always will be. Here are a few reason to go white, and how to get it right.

A Blank Canvas

White works with all art. Whether you want to hang family photos, or large format artworks, white is the best backdrop as it doesn’t interfere or distract, letting the art do the talking. Having white walls also means that you can hang art on walls of different shapes and sizes. This is especially true in oddly shaped spaces that narrow at one end, or move around corners; white walls give the impression that the space continues, making it easier to hang art that doesn’t look distracting or out of place.

Let Your Furniture Shine

Have you always wanted that bright art deco sofa? Or those worn leather armchairs, but weren’t sure how to make them work in your home? Start with white walls. Just as with art, white walls create a blank canvas for your furniture to shine. Particularly if you like pops of colour or statement pieces, white walls allow those to be the centre of attention without competition.

Suits Any Style

It doesn’t matter whether you like classic, gothic, art deco or scandinavian style, white walls work. This is also ideal for if you ever want to sell or rent out your home, having white walls means it will appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Brighten Up Small and Large Spaces

Do you live in a narrow, dimly lit terrace house? Perhaps your home faces south, without much natural light? Or maybe sunlight streams into your home all day long? Whatever the quality of natural light in your home, white paint can enhance it. Painting your walls and ceilings a simple white allows for any natural light that enters the home to reflect and brighten the space, much more than say darker hues on the walls would. This is great in dimly lit spaces to enhance the feeling of space. In a bright home, white walls create a sense of calm, making a space feel airy and welcoming.

All About the Architecture

White is the best colour to use when looking to enhance natural architectural features in your home. Timer frames, intricate windows, original fireplaces and dark floors all stand out against white walls and ceilings.