Victoria’s Secret’s Secrets: Makeup Tips from Backstage

There's no contouring; there's no strobing; there are no fake eyelashes. It doesn't take that much effort to look effortless. Find out why.

Victoria's Secret Models [image source: Victoria's Secret], crowdink, crowd ink,,
Victoria's Secret Models [image source: Victoria's Secret]

The flawless skin, perfectly-toned body, perfectly undone hair you can see on any given Victoria’s Secret model all looks totally natural.

Well, they don’t all wake up like that.

Don’t get me wrong, these ladies are certainly beautiful, however, they might not be as perfect as you might think (aside from their impeccably toned bodies). They, too, have puffy eyes, dull skin, and bad hair days, just like the rest of us.

Makeup artist Dick Page, who has prepped models for the runway for the past two years running and is the pearly gate palette holder to all of Victoria’s beauty secrets, unleashed 4 tips for getting the perfect angelic look.

  1. The Right Amount of Moisturizer

Hydration is key. However, when it comes to skincare, always remember, less is more. Keep it simple by using the right amount of moisturizer. Do not overhydrate.

“Get as many green leafy vegetables as you can, because those detoxify the body and drink lots of water. Remember your skin is the largest organ of the body so what you put into your body is going to show up on your skin,” Page says.

  1. Aiming For the Heavenly Glow

There’s no contouring; there’s no strobing; there are no fake eyelashes. Even bronzer has been stricken from the backstage repertoire for its powdery or pearlescent finish. The infamous Victoria’s Secret glow is instead invoked with a blood red blush buffed into the apples of the cheeks. The color is called Jugendrot which means ‘Youth Red’  in German. Kryolan’s creamy shade, which is traditionally employed on actors playing young characters in the theater, is the real secret Victoria’s keeping. Take notes, ladies.

  1. Foundation? Less is More

When doing your base makeup, always keep a light hand.

“The idea and the effect are to do as little as possible. It seems like a non-trick, but really, the less you do to the skin, the better it works,” says Page.

Page uses foundation under the eye and around the edge of the nose and lip with a soft brush to take out discoloration. Keep a really light hand, and do everything translucent, very lightweight.

Also, avoid powdery finish, don’t powder your face.

  1. Eyes, Eyes, Eyes

To draw focus to the eyes without the help of dramatic false lashes, Page reaches for a thin black liner, a swipe of mascara, and an iridescent highlighter applied at the inner corners of the eyes.

“I never liked false lashes in the first place. I think it’s overdone.”

In its place, the highlighter has “a gold and violet mix that just makes the eyes pop.”

For darker complexions, he mixes in a bit of color-matched foundation to customize the light-catching effects. The product is also tapped onto the Cupid’s bow. “I want the skin to look dewy and healthy and fresh,” Page says.

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