Travel the Dam: The Wonders of Airbnb in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's one hell of a city. Save yourself the hassle and stay in an AirBnB while you soak up everything it's got to offer.

Amsterdam Canal. (Image Source- Digita Fespa),
Amsterdam Canal. (Image Source- Digita Fespa)

When you travel through Europe you cannot miss the wonders of Amsterdam. There are many ways to enjoy Amsterdam, but taking a stay at one of the city’s numerous Airbnb gems is a great way to go.

Amsterdam is a marvelous place to travel when you’re young: whether you have flown into Airport Schiphol, taken the Eurail into the impressive central station, or cruised in on one of the many tours (Contiki, Topdeck, Busabout) that will take you to the city of Heineken and Rembrandt, Amsterdam is a joyous and vibrant place to be youthful and meet some truly amazing people.

One of the best ways to spend your sojourn in the Dutch capital would be to book out an apartment on Airbnb – get the whole place for yourself. I say this because, obviously, staying with Airbnb is how I spent my sojourn in Amsterdam. My friends and I were lucky enough to find a two-story apartment with a balcony on each story: one overlooking a picture-perfect, café-lined canal and the other with impressive views of a lush park.

Apart from the impressive scenery, the apartment was completely decked out: four bedrooms, fully-functioning kitchen with all the cooking appliances you would ever need, a plasma screen television (not that we used it much), and a cute stairway which wound up to the second floor. This amazing Airbnb was all for a similar price to what you would get staying in one of the cramped dorm rooms of the downtown hostels – it’s great value for travel.

When you’re undertaking your first European travel experience and would like to choose somewhere more private to stay after the excitement and intrusiveness of the European hostel, Amsterdam is the perfect place. When you get to the Dam, it’s acceptable to move at your own pace. You might even want to hire a bicycle and cruise around what is one of the most bike accessible cities in the world.

When staying at an apartment booked through Airbnb, you and your friends can wake up whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about the annoyances of the classic guy-or-girl who has woken up really early to catch a flight or get back on their Contiki tour and has woken you up stuffing their toiletry bag into their backpack.

Once you have awoken and enjoyed a peaceful morning in a peaceful city, you can check out one of the many famous museums, head to the Vondelpark (in my opinion, the most beautiful gardens in the world!) or take on the Heineken Experience, a tour through the old brewery of one of the world’s largest and greatest beer makers.

If you’re thinking of staying with Airbnb when you travel through Europe, Amsterdam really is the place to do it.