Top 5 Korean Beauty Trends You Need to Try Today

“Koreans are serious about their skincare, innovation, gentle ingredients and pleasing packaging, and they definitely would not want to pay a fortune for it.”

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Korean Beauty Products

When I visited South Korea, I noticed that the women there have such beautiful skin, I mean, no pores, literally. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the Korean beauty phenomenon – is so-happening now. You might remember the instant global popularization of BB creams a while back, South Korean beauty products are scientifically advanced, charmingly packaged and not too pricey. It has made the country a shopping destination for makeup and skincare lovers.

You might not be going to Seoul anytime soon, however I bet you’re tempted.

Genius Invention: Cushion Compact

Two genius Korean innovations combined in one: A BB cream housed in a cushion compact. It is nothing like traditional compacts. It has got all the skincare benefits to it: it is super hydrating, light-weight, sun-protective and skin-brightening foundation. The holy grail makeup product for cold weather.

Hydrating is Important: O HUI

As we all know, almost 90% of our skin problems are due to dehydration such as large pores, acne, and discoloration. O HUI is famous for their pink bottles, so called the ‘miracle moisture’ line. I got my hands on it after it was recommended by a Korean friend. It never let me down; even when I traveled to North China last December, which was the coldest, driest period of time of the year, the average temperature was about -20C every day. My skin survived, it kept my skin healthy even in the toughest conditions.

Game Changer: Sheet Masks

A lot of girls in Korea use sheet masks, every single day. Sheet masks take ease of use to a brand new level. Inside the package, it is a sheet mask soaked in hyaluronic acid. Place on face, go watch one episode of Girls. Discard. No more dull skin. If you have the time to use it before makeup, do it. Makeup will go on so smoothly on the face, and have a healthy glow.

Sun Protection

As we may already know in Asian countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, brighter skin is considered beautiful. Therefore the demand of a good sunscreen is very high in Asia which explains why Asian sunscreens are one of the best. Sunscreen is non-negotiable on a daily basis. There are a lot of ingredients to choose from, but mainly focus on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which creates an even finish and are less likely to cause breakouts.

Injections: Don’t be Scared

Don’t be surprised: In Korea, it is fairly normal for girls to get their skin ‘done’. The facial injection called ‘Aqua Shining’ first emerged in 2009 in South Korea. Basically the injection only contains hylauronic acid, and however the doctor will mix it up with Botox or Vitamin C to achieve different results for different individual customers. By injecting hyaluronic acid which adds moisture to dermis skin, evens out the skin tone, and boosts hydration of the skin to have that healthy glow. This beauty trend took over Asia in the past few years. In China, even beauty salons offer the injection, you can basically get it done in anywhere.

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