Tommy Hilfiger Launches ‘Make It Better’ Campaign

Read about the promises Tommy Hilfiger is making to reshape their brand to become an inclusive and circular economy by 2030.

Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has announced its ‘Make It Better’ campaign, a new company mission that ‘Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All’. In a 24-target initiative, the American brand is leading the fashion world by working to develop strategies to address pressing issues within the industry, including climate change and inequality. With fast-fashion being the second greatest polluting industry on Earth, it is crucial that other brands follow the lead of Tommy Hilfiger. As consumers, it is increasingly important to know the brands you are supporting, and sometimes it’s better to opt for slightly more expensive products when you understand the company’s ethics and practices.

Creating an inclusive and circular economy is at the heart of Tommy Hilfiger’s new campaign. Their 2030 targets are broken into four main pillars. ‘Circle Round’ focuses on operating as a circular business, such as through all their material being from recycled or regenerative sources. Their second pillar, ‘Made For Life’, focuses on re-evaluating their value chain to ensure their practices comply within the planetary boundaries. Targets to limit their carbon, water and waste footprints, such as recycling their unpreventable wastes, and ensuring products are made within environmental limits aim to make the brand more sustainable.

Focusing upon their inclusivity promise, their third pillar ‘Everyone Welcome’ works to dismantle the status quo and prejudices evident within the fashion world. No matter what your age, race, sexual orientation, size or ability, Tommy Hilfiger is reshaping their brand to welcome the different and real forms of beauty within the world. Through initiatives such as offering more inclusive versions of their product categories and including more diversity in their communication strategies, the new campaign will work to challenge the ‘beauty standards’ currently portrayed by mainstream fashion labels. Their final pillar, ‘Opportunity for All’ focusing on creating and supporting a more diverse workforce at Tommy Hilfiger, creating equal opportunities and chances for all individuals to thrive at all levels of their value chain.

Having a renowned brand lead a change this big is something to be very excited about. Although Tommy Hilfiger will have to work hard to turn these targets into a reality, hopefully, their work will inspire others to follow suit. As a consumer, not only will supporting businesses such as Tommy Hilfiger be better for the environment, but the quality of these products will make them last much longer than fast-fashion pieces, ultimately saving you money long-term.