Time to Buy Some Ear-risistable Wireless Headphones

I apologise for the pun, but hurry up and chuck out your corded headphones!

Bose Sound Sport Free
Bose Sound Sport Free

If you’re anything like me you most likely saw the Apple Airpods for the first time and laughed. It’s not the only example of when I was wrong about the projected success of an Apple product. For months I mocked one of the most influential companies in the world for their so-called “iPad”. I mean, who would want a giant phone that doesn’t make phone calls? As it turns out, everyone does, including myself. The iPhone I own now is humungous and I haven’t made a phone call in years.

The Airpods are going strong, and I’m beginning to feel like an outdated idiot with a cord dangling from my chin. It’s time to invest in wireless headphones, but I’m still not convinced by the $229 price tag of the Apple Airpods. Who am I, Cardi B???

Stroll on down to JB Hi-fi and get yourself Bose SoundSport for only $226. That’s right, you’ll save three whole dollars. I would suggest you spend that money on a coffee, but they cost $4.50 now, so…maybe give it to charity?

The BlueAnt Pump Air Wireless are reasonably priced at $169. The battery life is only three hours, compared to the five of both the Apple Airpods and Bose, but that’s what you get for living on a budget.

Beats X Wireless In-Ear Headphones will set you back $199. That’s pretty good for a company that was once so totally out of my price range I would have the same reaction towards people wearing them as I would to people driving Lamborghinis; hatred. These wireless darlings are pretty swell, although if you’re regularly running from zombies probably don’t make this purchase. Apparently they aren’t great for high-sped chasers.

I personally might wait for the next gen of wireless audio equipment, where they just replace my physical ears with Apple hardware. I’m sure that’ll be mentioned in the next Terms & Conditions.