How To Save Money While Still Going Out

Because who says living on a budget means you need to cancel your social life?

How to Save Money While Still Going Out

It seems to be a rite of passage every student goes through: the debate of whether to go out drinking on the weekend or have a night in and save your money (especially when you’re already living off instant coffee and ramen noodles).

But don’t despair! There are ways to make your nights out cheaper. Which means you won’t have to give up a night on the town yet.

Here are some simple guidelines to follow.

  • Don’t buy a new outfit for every time you go out. Just mix and match what you already have.
  • Save money by doing pre-drinks at home. Also have a light meal before you go out, so you won’t spend as much money on food.
  • Set a budget before you leave your place. Put the cash in your wallet and then don’t use your card all night to ensure you stick to your limit.
  • Get into the club early to save money on entry. Most places will allow free entry if you enter before 10 PM.
  • Get to know your cheap beers and drinks. This is usually the beer on tap or house liquors.
  • Buy jugs rather than shots.
  • See if your venue has any happy hours, cheap eats or student discounts.
  • Share an Uber with friends home. Or if that’s still too expensive use public transport or have a designated driver.

Hopefully these practical tips will help you save money, but still have a good time out with your friends!