Three Healthy Breakfast Smoothies


Breakfast smoothies are a great way to escalate your energy levels, especially pre-workout. And, ingredients that are rich in protein, vitamins, fibre and healthy fats make the best smoothie flavours. So, this summer, soothe yourself with a smoothie through our favourite recipes of all time:


Very Berry – Blueberry:

A nutritious liquid breakfast or pre-workout drink, the blueberry smoothie is on the top of our list! Low in kcal and high in vitamins, blueberries in general are a great source of energy for our body. When combined with milk and protein powder, this drink can become any fitness freak’s go-to recipe. You can add oats and vanilla extract to top up the flavour.


Havana ooh na na – Banana!

Half my heart says ‘banana’ and the other half ‘oat meal’. When combined together, these two fibre rich ingredients help our body maintain its bowel health. One of the quickest and incredibly filling drinks of all time, this one is also perfect for a pre-workout boost!


Everything Chocolate!

A blend of chocolate and peanut butter is as good as an actual ice-cream. The creamy texture when infused with flaxseed and hempseed can be a super healthy and tasty combination! To maintain the calorie intake, you can use unsweetened cocoa powder and unsweetened milk.

Making a smoothy is pretty easy. If you’d like to fasten the process, you can try your hand at a portable smoothie maker that allows you to blend the fruits with milk pretty easily and quickly. Are you ready to #SmoothifieThisSummer?