These Games Will Really Help you get to Know Your Friends

These games will take your next game night to the next level.

These Games Will Really Help you get to Know Your Friends

Good card games and board games can provide an endless source of fun. Depending on the game, they can also bring people closer together. While we all love Scrabble and Monopoly, why not try these exciting and enlightening games on your next game night instead.

(Please be aware that some of the games listed are for ages 17/18+).

ReFlex The Game
“Questions you actually want to answer”

ReFlex was created by DJ, TV presenter, podcaster and entrepreneur, Flex Mami. It is a critical thinking conversation card game for one or more players. There are two editions of the game, each with 46 questions. ReFlex #1 which is for ages 14+ takes a more family-friendly approach while still exploring deep topics including love, life, death, politics, religion, purpose and career. In addition to these topics, ReFlex #2 includes questions about alcohol, drugs and sex and is for ages 18+. This game will get you and your friends thinking introspectively in the most enjoyable way.

The Best Friend Game
“Think you know your friends?”

The Best Friend Game is the perfect game to play with a close group of friends to see how well you really know each other. The concept of the game is to pair off in teams of two (with someone you know pretty well) and use the dry-erase boards to secretly write your answers to the questions. There are 250 questions provided and 6 dry-erase boards with markers and cloths. The game is made for 4 or more players aged 14+. You will likely leave this game knowing more about your friends than when you began.

Hive Mind
“The game of beeing alike”

In Hive Mind, the more answers you have in common with other players, the more points you get. In this board game, players or “bees” take turns to roll a die, move along a path and try to stay in the “hive” by thinking in harmony with the other “bees” to answer questions. The game is for 3-12 players aged 8+. Hive Mind combines some of the most entertaining game tools to create a fun experience that explores how alike we think.

Never Have I Ever
“The game of poor life decisions”

Never Have I Ever is a party game that takes the players on a journey to relive funny, interesting and awkward moments. Never Have I Ever is a game for 4-12 players aged 17+ and consists of 485 Play Cards and 65 Rule Cards. If a player is guilty of a Play Card and has done what is written on it, they keep the card. The first player to have 10 Play Cards wins. As long as you follow the game’s primary rule of “no judgement”, you’re sure to have a good time.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid
“A party game for you and your stupid friends”

With Drunk Stoned or Stupid you decide who in the group best meets the description on each card. The players take turns as the judge, who makes the final call on which player gets stuck with the card. There are no winners in this game, only losers. The first player to receive 7 cards loses. This game is for 4 or more players aged 17+ and has 250 cards to call out your friends with. Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a hilarious way to find out what your friends really think of you.

So there you have it. Get your friends together and start playing!