Meet the Four-Legged Heroes That Don’t Wear Capes

A man’s best friend is becoming the new way to help aid and comfort people in times of need.

Meet the Four-Legged Heroes That Don't Wear Capes

Therapy dogs are the heroic companion helping people smile during mental and physical battles. They are trained to provide comfort, support and instil a calming bond between the dog and recipient. These interactions often take place in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centres, schools and workplaces.

Therapy dogs can have many benefits which include, reduced anxiety, reduced stress, a sense of calmness and an overall positive effect. Here are some four-legged friends and their heroic story:

Caleb’s Story –
Caleb was in a serious car accident and suffered severe injuries which included broken bones and brain damage. It was uncertain if Caleb would ever recover and live a normal life, until he met his therapy dog, Colonel.

Sammy’s Story –
Sammy was one of the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School during a shooting in 2012 the killed 28 people. Sammy struggled with post-traumatic stress and leaving the house until she met her therapy dog, Spartacus.

Dog breeds that are most suited to becoming a therapy dogs are, Golden Retrievers, Collies, Beagles, Greyhounds and German Shepherds.

To learn more about therapy dogs in Australia, click here.

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