The Best Christmas Rom-Com’s Hitting Netflix

Find out when all the holiday rom-coms will be hitting your screen.

Operation Christmas Drop
Operation Christmas Drop

Christmas is arguably the best time of year. Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols, dress-up parties, end of year drinks, gingerbread houses or the Christmas lights that sprinkle throughout streets, there’s something very magical about this time of year.

Another special part of Christmas is rugging up at night with a warm hot chocolate while you sit around watching rom-coms because apparently there’s no better time to celebrate and/or fall in love than in this period. We’re not mad about it though, and every year we are treated with new, trashy and cliché rom-coms to fill our time with.

We’ve made a shortlist of our top 5 Christmas rom-coms that are hitting the Netflix screen this year, and we are beyond excited. Take a look below:

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Holidate – 28 October
Holidate: the person you bring every time you need a ‘date’ for the holidays. Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong. Emma Roberts and Australian actor Luke Bracey star in a cliché story about platonic friends who use each other as dates for every holiday throughout the year. As you can probably predict, real feelings start to develop, and things get messy. Sounds perfect to us.

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Operation Christmas Drop – 5 November
Gathering evidence to support the closing a tropical US Air Force Base, a congressional aide visits a military base with the aim to defund it. However, throughout her stay, she realises that there’s more than meets the eye with the program (and pilot). This story is inspired by the real-life program run by the US Air Force.

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Dash & Lily – 10 November
Ok so this one is actually a series based on the novel ‘Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares’, but it still counts. Dash is a high schooler who stumbles upon a red diary in a bookstore. Inside is a scavenger hunt that leads to a dare which he completes before writing back. The two go back and forth (and the show is constantly switching POVs), and there are twists and turns between the anonymous strangers. And yes, this show does feature the Jonas Brothers.

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Hometown Holiday – 15 November
Ok we admit, this one looks all things trashy and cliché, but we’re here for it. A hotshot music executive travels to a small country town to sign an up-and-coming star when he meets a small-town girl and falls in love. In classic Netflix form, there are mistaken identities, misunderstandings and masquerades.

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The Princess Switch: Switched Again – 19 November
A sequel to the popular ‘The Princess Switch’, Vanessa Hudgens is back to fulfil your rom-com needs. We get to follow Stacy and Princess Margaret as Margaret gets ready for her coronation. The plot twist this time is (you guessed it) a third lookalike, Fiona, who is there to foil their holiday plans.

These movies look cheesy, cliché and absolutely perfect. Some of them have already hit Netflix, so start organising those Netflix parties and enjoy the season of love.