Terrific Terrariums and How to Make Them

How to create a cool plant piece for your home on a budget.

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Terrific Terrariums (source: Inhabitat)

Terrariums- you know the plant in a jar type of situation that was trendy back in your mum’s day but have recently made a resurgence? Kind of like an aquarium but less water and fish and more dirt and sticks?

Well now you can make them at home sweet reader, and if you have too much time like I do, then this is a great way to waste away some hours and distract yourself from the general pain of your existence.

These beasts can be ghastly if done incorrectly, but if you succeed, then you can have a nice mediocre green piece for your home in no time.

Be mindful of the fact that I am not a craftsperson, just a girl, so I have really dumbed it down for my own understanding. Enjoy.

You will need:

– a glass jar of your choosing (fish bowl, vase, jam jar etc.)
– some pretty white pebbles either from a craft or pet store or the beach/garden, rinsed.
– potting soil & activated charcoal (purchased from your local nursery or garden centre)
– mini cute plants (succulents work well)
– small tiny figurines if you are nine years old and like that kind of thing
– the enthusiasm of an Irwin child, either child will do


1. Place the pebbles at the bottom of chosen jar, until it reaches a few centimetres in depth
2. Add your soil for the next layer, moistened with a little spray of water
3. Add your plants to the soil mix ensuring that the soil covers the roots and spray again. Don’t be afraid to spray. Just don’t spray too much. Spray.
4. Add remaining pebbles to the soil
5. If you are 6 add your figurines
6. Bob’s your uncle you’ve made a terrarium

So there we have it guys- an easy terrarium that isn’t too messy or expensive and a bit of fun too! Ha!

Fun tip: these make a great gift for someone you don’t really like.

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