Teeth Are More Important than You Think!

You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth.

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Teeth Are More Important Than You Think

I have found that there are many people who are concerned with their general health, but forget about their dental health. They pay little attention to, or have an aversion for, in-office dental care. They may use quick fixes or short-term strategies that don’t necessarily get results, because they haven’t researched their options. However way you look at it, facts remain the same. You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth.

Some Important Facts…

Our teeth have a lot in common with our skeletal system and achieving healthy skin, hair and fingernails. This is because Keratin is the primary component of the epidermis, hair, nails, and the enamel of our teeth.

Our bones are part of our endocrine system.

We need to have a healthy endocrine, digestive, metabolic, and circulatory system in order to have excellent oral health.  Hormones have their fingers in everything we do. Balanced hormones have a lot to do with our food choices and what toxins we are exposed to. The cellular level of our internal environment is where all life begins. If we do not take care of how we feed our cells, we are not going to be able to make the best decisions for our health.

An out of balance pH environment in the blood wreaks havoc within all systems of the body. Conditions include disrupted cholesterol levels, gout, osteoporosis, hormonal disorders, cancers, obesity, diabetes and more. As a result, our body may experience prolonged or permanent inflammation. Acidic bodies cannot retain enough oxygen to function properly. Acidic blood robs our body of minerals, taking them from our bones.

Endocrine disruptors mimic our own hormones. Studies show endocrine disruptors can affect the health of our cells, organs, bones and our teeth.  Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor. Fluoride not only disrupts the health of our teeth but also disrupts the health of our pineal gland.  Besides producing several hormones, the pineal gland is responsible for endocrine functions and influences sexual development. “In the 1990s, Jennifer Luke of the UK discovered that the pineal gland is a major site of fluoride accumulation within the body. Luke’s work is particularly illuminating because she also found that fluoride lowered the production of melatonin- one hormone produced by the pineal gland.”

Our teeth are living tissue. Tooth enamel is ninety-six percent mineral content and is the strongest substance in the human body.  Daily disruptive influencers can have a negative effect on tooth survival.

6 Disruptive Influencers

  1. Some of us that don’t even like milk products have thought long and hard about just maybe they need milk for strong teeth and bones. This can be considered one of the biggest myths of our time. Milk doesn’t provide us with the calcium content that our body can use. What I’ve found is organic green vegetables such as kale and spinach, are the best way to get and absorb calcium.
  1. Athletes know if they fail to address their gut issues they can’t give 100% on the day of the big race. Leaky Gut or poor gut bacteria influences our hormones, organs, and all bodily systems. Leaky gut means our intestinal permeability has been compromised and toxins can enter our bloodstream. Leaky gut can lead to a toxic mouth. Consuming coffee, an abundance of antibiotics, and surgery foods such as bagels, chips, cakes, cookies, crackers, gluten, alcohol and more can be the worst for our tooth enamel, our bones and our gut microbiome. Why? Because these are endocrine disruptors.
  1. BPAs are Endocrine Disruptors. BPA’s are found in bottled water, plastic containers, canned foods, plastic coffee makers, baby products, microwaveable meals and more. A recently published study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, the first using a reference human population, showed that 92.6% of over 2500 Americans had BPA’s in their urine. Unfortunately, measured urine concentrations were significantly higher in children and adolescents compared with adults. In the quest to find BPA-free, there is no rush. Research shows BPA-free products can still contain unwanted endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
  1. Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance and sensitivities can cause us to be at risk for de-mineralization of our tooth enamel and affect our nutrient absorption. When the digestive system is impaired, it does not properly release vital minerals into the body for use by the teeth in building enamel. Our enamel can easily be damaged due to digestive damage.
  1. The younger generation may like to wear tooth jewelry. However, did you know, jewelry in the mouth can and will wear away tooth enamel?
  1. Commercial toothpastes and mouthwash contain unnecessary chemicals, and toxins that can be harmful for your teeth and bones.


So what can we do now?

If you use or are exposed to products on the list of known endocrine disruptors, it would be best to avoid them and consider alternatives.

Mercury-amalgam fillings are found to be toxic to our overall mind/ body health. In fact, mercury is ten times more toxic than lead. Remember when they took lead paint out of children’s furniture? I speculate that they may possibly come to their senses about mercury in the near future. Mercury disrupts the metabolic reactions of the body and the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Because mercury increases a toxic burden on the body and mind it can be linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, found in breast cancer tissue and disrupts our gut microbiome. If you are concerned about tooth integrity, mercury is never recommended.

Let’s look within and do some housekeeping. If you want oral health, it may be wise to stop smoking.

For a dairy substitute, you can use Hemp or Coconut milk. Unfortunately, research has demonstrated that rBGH increases insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in cows milk. This growth factor is orally active and is a key contributing factor to the incidence of endocrine-related disorders.

Find yourself a holistic dentist, one that understands why we don’t need mercury, fluoride, or oral products that contain chemicals. One that chooses to have filtered water available in their office for their patients.  Some even offer ozone therapy for healthy gums.

Remember to exercise. All life is movement. Exercise builds strong bones.

Eat Fermented Foods. Homemade sauerkraut contains high levels of natural probiotics, which are wonderful for balancing out the good bacterial in the gut.

Eat adequate levels of Vitamin C in your diet for strong gum health.  Avoid synthetic vitamin C in supplements.  Some food sources of Vitamin C are organic papaya, strawberries, broccoli, lemons, pears, pineapple, brussels sprouts and kale. Try to always eat fresh and organic.

Encourage saliva production and keep the inside of your mouth moist. Oil Pulling is good for elimination of toxic dental bacterial and also stimulates the salivary glands.  Saliva protects the teeth and contains trace minerals that will aid in the remineralization process. My routine at night includes organic clove essential oil to brush, tape to floss, and waterpik to rinse. Oil pulling is next, then off to bed with my oral probiotic.


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