Tammy’s Tip Jar: Four Pillars of Money Mindfulness (Part Two)

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Money Mindset

Tammy Petro, a designer for financial serves, actively seeks inspiration from holiday adventures and diversity in her day-to-day life. ‘You can end up in the same social circle, same conversations, week in and week out, with the same people looking at the same disciplines and it just becomes so routine, so I actively seek out diversity in all of that.’ Her curiousity to push her own limits personally and professionally, to embrace change and new experiences – is what I trust about her advice.

Tip 3: Buy Things That Appreciate in Value

We all have our soft spots when it comes to spending. ‘A lot of people – because it’s easier – value things in the short term at the expense of the long term,’ says Tammy, and comes to her tip in purchasing: buy things that appreciate in value. ‘Lease other things. Examples of things that do not make money: Food, nights out, I would argue trips are my biggest dumb expense because it’s experience.’ Decide for yourself what expenditure aligns with your goals, figure out your soft spots and have a very reasonable approach to expenditure. Tammy recalls Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, as she shares, ‘one of his big tips is pay yourself first… Make sure you and your future are taken care of before going out for drinks – or whatever your thing is.’ I never thought about my future self like this before. I have thought of my future self in terms of what I want to achieve as a writer, but not in a financial future state. While I believe it’s not healthy to always be thinking about the future, ten percent of future mindfulness is very reasonable. Put yourself first!

Tip 4: Ladies – A Man is Not a Financial Plan!

According to the Gender Workplace Statistics by the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the average superannuation balances for women at retirement are 52.8% less than those of men. ‘In part that is because of wage differences, and in part that is because people don’t contribute to their super. Put – money- in – your – super. As a woman – especially,’ stresses Tammy. The statistics also show that the full-time weekly ordinary earnings for women are 16.2% less than for men. ‘Every-woman-needs-common-sense.’ Tammy sighs. ‘A man is not a financial plan! You never want to be in any kind of partnership – business or relationship – where your choices are dictated by your finances. Ever. Ever. Your relationship should always be a choice, and finances are one of the quickest ways in which it does not become a choice.’

Share your feedback below and tell us if Tammy’s tips have helped you to be in a state of money mindfulness!


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