Stop Eating Avocados and Buy This Bugatti Instead

Time to give up brunch and salivate over this shiny car

Bugatti Divo
Bugatti Divo

If you’re anything like me I’m sure you assumed that Bugatti, Ducati, and Gnocchi were all types of delicious Italian food. Well, apparently that isn’t the case. The first two are car manufacturers. Who knew?!

Bugatti, which is not an adult type of entertainment fyi, have unveiled the Divo which will set you back a cool US$5.7 million. This particular automobile is perfect for anyone who wants to look like they’re Batman from the Tron universe. Which I assume we all do, because that would be awesome.

Before you smash open your piggybank to spend the $5.7million of ten-cent coins you have, I have to tell you that every one of these cars has already been sold. Only forty were made, and they were snapped-up very quickly by super rich people, who I’m sure aren’t trying to fill an empty void of loneliness. Kidding! I’m clearly very jealous of those people.