Vegan? Lona Has You Covered.

Lona, St Kilda
Lona, St Kilda

Are you a vegan that so happens to be friends with a meat eater? (Chances are likely)

Ever find yourself getting into some beef (pun intended) with your pal over where you’re going to dine?

Look no further… Lona, St Kilda, has got your back.

The contemporary Spanish/ South American restaurant has made some recent additions to their all day menu that is bound to quench your hunger and leave you in a state of euphoria.

Lona, St Kilda
Lona, St Kilda

Think tantalizing Tierra Tacos with smoked paprika, salted cauliflower, spicy beetroot, coriander, salsa and topped with some zesty lime or Wild Mushroom Toastadas filled with beetroot, corn, Spanish onion and tumaca.

Lona, St Kilda
Lona, St Kilda

Let’s take it one step further and introduce Lona’s new vegan slider, slow braised, BBQ’d jackfruit paired with a concoction of sweet apples, cabbage, carrot and tumaca, served on a gluten free, vegan friendly bun.

Sounds delicious, right? And we’ve heard through the grapevine that the hero of the dish, jackfruit, tastes exactly like juicy, pulled pork. So it’s a win-win for both teams.

For information you can check out their website via

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Lona - comes from the word Barce-Lona. Although a Spanish name, we offer a lot more alongside traditional tapas. We source local and international produce and take inspiration for our menu from all parts of the world with a style of food that can only be called, our own. Our concept is simple - EAT-DRINK-RELAX. Our style embraces a fun and relaxed way of eating which allows you to sample and share an array of different tastes throughout the one meal with every dish designed to enjoy with your hands. We put all of our wines through an extreme judgement process to ensure that every wine from the bottom of the range, to the top, is the highest quality. We have a mixologist who works hard in designing and perfecting our cocktails.