Simple Tips to Help you Look Your Best

Looking your best isn’t about being a certain size, but instead using clothes to emphasize your assets.

Simple Tips to Help You Look Your Best

The art of fashion lies not only in the design, but on the body it is worn by. Clothes look and fit differently on every single body and looking good is no longer about trying to reach an unattainable weight. Through simply learning about your body shape, you can find different fashion pieces and tips that will allow you to highlight all your best features. 

So, you may be wondering, what are these different body shapes and how do I dress accordingly? Below we’ve listed our best tips for different body types to help you look your best no matter what you’re wearing.


For women with similar bust and hip measurements with a tight, defined waist. Hourglass fashion is all about exaggerating your curves – you are lucky to have them! Focus on defining your waist through form-fitting tops and skinny belts and stay away from boxy and flowy styles. Make sure that if you’re flowy on top that your lower half is more form-fitted, and vice-versa.


For women whose bust and shoulders are narrower than their hips. You want to draw attention to your top half, so we’re talking lots of V-necks, statement tops, crop tops, bell-sleeves and bold necklaces. Avoid skinny pants and instead opt for more wide-legged ones.


For women whose shoulders, bust, waist and hips are all roughly similar measurements. Our tip is that it is all about balance – focus on highlighting either your top half or lower half. Dresses look great on you, as well as strapless, sweetheart and halter tops. Blazers were also made for you.

Apple/Inverted Triangle

For women with narrow hips and wide busts and shoulders, and sometimes a less defined waist. You want to focus on drawing attention to your legs and arms, and you can do this through flowy tops and button-ups with low necklines, strapless dresses and long, straight and open-front coats.

Looking your best is all about highlighting your best, individual assets. No body shape is the same, so instead of trying to get a body like Bella Hadid or Beyoncé, focus on highlighting your proudest and natural features.