Have You Seen These New Ta-Ta Towels?

If you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry, they’re new to the market.

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Ta-Ta Towels

Ta-ta towels are the latest invention for women to remove boob sweat and they look pretty darn comfy, especially for relaxing at home at the end of a long summer’s day.

Created by Erin Robertson, who was looking to solve her own boob sweat troubles, the handy terry cloth item simply goes around your neck and holds each breast in towel fabric cups.

The $45 backless, cotton blend lined garment comes in four different colour combos including fuchsia fusion/black terry, teal/black terry, grey-fuchsia, and grey-teal. Sizes range from small (a big C-DD cup), to medium (DDD-E), to large (F-H).

Fortunately for Robertson, they are proving quite popular, with some happy ta-ta towel users taking to her website’s customer testimonial page to express their love of the product,

One satisfied customer wrote: “The Ta-Ta Towel is such an amazing idea. As soon as I get home, I take off my bra and put on my Ta-Ta Towel. The comfort of my boobs being held up without a tight strap around my back is incredible. It’s also great to wear it after I get out of the shower and rush around to get ready. No more under-boob sweat!”.

Additionally, K-la wrote on Twitter, “Can someone PLEASE buy me like a weeks supply of the Ta-Ta towel so I never have to wear a bra or shirt at home again”— @caylamarie123

Needless to say, people are clearly going ga-ga for ta-ta towels!

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