Sarah Michelle Geller, A.K.A. Buffy, Wants People to Stop Wanting a Buffy Revival

Buffy star says no to reboot.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer (source: AOL)

Buffy star doesn’t think there should be a reboot of the popular 90s vampire show.

During an interview with The Huffington Post, Geller revealed that, while she loves the show and how it turned out, she thinks fans should stop asking for a revival of the popular vampire slaying show, saying, “They want it until they see it and don’t like it, and then they’re like, ‘Why did you do that?! You ruined my favorite show!’ And then it all comes back down on you”.

She also revealed that, while revivals like the Gilmore Girls reboot worked because of progressing storylines, Buffy is not one of those shows,

“We have to remember it was about the horrors of adolescence and how those manifest into the monsters that were the actual monsters in our show, and I don’t know necessarily what that translates to into today,

“I also think that you can’t please everyone and we had seven amazing seasons. And it still lives on in fan fiction and comic books and graphic novels, and I think that’s really cool that it can live on in that immortal way. Because James [Marsters], David [Boreanaz], myself ― none of us are immortal”.

Geller’s comments come after the entire original cast of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer did reunite for the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s April edition.

Reinforcing her sentiments is former co-star and character love interest David Boreanaz, who recently finished his tenor as Agent Seeley Booth on Fox’s Bones, who, during another Huffington Post interview, said, “[Angel] is just the type of character that’s youthfully oriented. I’m getting a little older, so … It’s one of those things [where] I loved what I did, but just kind of move on from there”.

But don’t mistake Geller’s disinterest in a revival of the hot show that made her famous, as she also commented during her HuffPost interview that she is very thankful for having done the show and the fan base she gained from it, calling them “incredible”.

She also went to say about them that, “As an actor, all you hope is that you do something that means something to someone, that makes an impact, that stands the test of time. So, it’s awesome”.

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