Please Marie Kondo Your Life

Declutter your whole life and feel re-energised by following the KonMari method

Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo

Is your house full of clutter – metaphorically and physically speaking? Do you have hundreds of boxes or paper in your room? Can’t close the wardrobe door because you have too many clothes? Are you always being told you need to clean up your car?

You most likely have heard of the queen of tidying, Marie Kondo. The famous Japanese tidying expert, bestselling author and star of her own Netflix series. Marie Kondo has helped thousands of people change their lives through her organisational technique – the KonMari method.

The KonMari method has done wonders for the lives of many people. Tidying up their bedrooms, kitchens, lounges and more. The KonMari method isn’t just for your house. It can be used for other parts of your life.

The philosophy is the same

  1. Commit yourself to tidy

Either if that’s by telling family or adding ‘tidying’ onto your to-do list, make sure you stay committed.

  1. Does it spark joy?

When going through every item, you must ask yourself ‘Does it spark joy?’. This question is relevant for anything you are tidying. If it doesn’t spark joy, you must thank it for its service and discard it.

This method can be used for your car to your phone and your personal life! You are guaranteed to feel happier and the stress will decrease from your life.

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