Phillip Island Penguin Live-Stream

How you can still watch the Phillip Island Penguin Parade from the comfort of your home.

Phillip Island Penguin Live-Stream

The coronavirus has impacted many businesses around the globe, forcing many to adopt new practices to remain sustainable during these unprecedented times. The Phillip Island Nature Parks is an example of this. They’ve taken a digital dive like never before to bring audiences a virtual experience.

The Nature Parks operates 90 minutes outside of Melbourne and is famously known for their Penguin Parades. They give people the chance to come and watch the penguins as they make their way out of the water and back home at sunset. From children to young adults to older generations, this experience brings and attracts people of all ages. It alone brought in nearly 700,000 visitors in 2015.

The restrictions currently governing Victoria have meant that those crowds of thousands cannot physically visit. As a result, The Phillip Island Nature Parks has brought the Penguin Parade into your home. Every night, there is a live-stream at 7:30pm AEDT (the link can be found on their Facebook page) where you can watch the largest colony of Little Penguins waddle their way home. There is also a ranger that is there to answer your questions and provide you with commentary and key information on the penguins.

You can watch this live-stream from your phone or laptop and there are no costs or subscriptions. On the launch of this virtual experience, 26 August, more than 770,000 people tuned in. The bonus of having a virtual experience is that now people from allow around the world can tune in an experience the Penguin Parade, no matter if you’re in Victoria, Australia or overseas.

Funding for their conservation and research work is greatly supported by the visitors they gain each year. Like many other businesses around the world, this has therefore taken a big hit this year from the coronavirus. If you, or someone that you know, is in a position to spare a few dollars to help protect these animals, you can donate here.

Live-streamed every night, you don’t want to miss these virtual experiences while you have the chance.