Peterborough: The Great Ocean Road’s Best Kept Secret

This sleepy town is one of the hidden gems along Victoria’s most famous coastline.

Peterborough: The Great Ocean Road’s Best Kept Secret

Offering all the elements of the perfect coastal stay surrounded by some of the Great Ocean Road’s most famous attractions, it’s surprising that Peterborough has stayed a largely unknown town. Gone are the days where tour buses trundle past – real estate is now being snapped up as people far and wide come to know of this beachside town in prime position along Victoria’s iconic coastal sightseeing route.

If you’re looking to have a secluded beach getaway while getting in your fair share of sightseeing, here are a few reasons to stopover or stay in Peterborough:

  1. It makes for a cheap trip away with mates
    A quick look at Airbnb reveals that you can easily snap up an entire house close to the town’s centre for an average of around $200. Divide it up between your group of closest amigos, and you’re looking at barely a hundred each for a weekend away. Given the town’s proximity to surf spots along the Great Ocean Road as well as the walking distance of many houses to local beaches, the available accommodation makes for an enticing trip for surf enthusiasts and beach aficionados. 

  2. It’s a short drive from other up-and-coming country destinations
    There are no shortage of day trips to take when you’re holidaying in Peterborough. Head out to Timboon for the day, a small town set in a valley where you can taste the ice cream made with local ingredients, or head out to the award-winning Timboon Cheesery for a lunchtime feast on the some of finest cheese Victoria has to offer. Nature-lovers can also head out to neighbouring Camperdown to hike up Mt Leura or Mt Sugarloaf where you can take in both the coastal and forest vistas.

3. It’s surrounded by bucket list Victorian destinations
Staying in Peterborough means the Bay of Islands, 12 Apostles, London Bridge and Bay of Martyrs are practically sitting in your backyard. These iconic destinations are flocked to by tourists every year who travel hours in a day just to catch a glimpse of some of the finest natural wonders the coast has to offer. Staying locally means you can hit all of them in a single day if you wish. If you’re up for an extra adventure, you can even fly over them in a biplane, with the airfield sitting mere metres from the bridge that carries you into town.

So there you have it. All the reasons you need to head to Peterborough in three short paragraphs. If by whatever chance you need more convincing, you can read some more about the town’s history here, or check out the town’s location tag on Instagram.

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