It’s the Paradox of Our Tinder Infested World and It’s Awesome

It’s time to get back to basics and revive the once radiant dating scene – meet the woman who was so fed up with Tinder, she formed her own dating company.

Paradox of Our Tinder Infested World,, crowd ink, crowdink
Paradox of Our Tinder Infested World (source: Elle)

Featured in an article, Kaila Perusco noticed the lack of “conscious” conversation while out at a bar with friends. As she scanned the room, all she could see were people swiping right on their phones, rather than glancing right, to where their potential love interest could be standing! So she did something about it.

In our modern society people are much too engrossed in their phones and unfortunately this goes for the dating world as well. Gone are the days when people had the courage to walk up to someone at a bar and strike up a conversation and maybe get a phone number. But alas, why risk it when you can do the same thing with an app?

I’ll tell you why, because the real world isn’t as misleading, and the power of conscious, real world dating is underrated. This is exactly what 28-year- old, Kaila Perusco thought, so instead of dwelling over the fact, she created her own dating company called the Conscious Dating Co.

What is conscious dating? I hear you ask, well as described on the website, it’s “all about keeping it real, provoking thoughtful conversation and moving beyond surface-level introductions.” It’s for people who are sick of mindlessly swiping right or left on their phones, sick of the normal bar scene or the “soulless” standard speed-dating nights.

The new dating company is based in Sydney and started up back in May last year, since then it’s had 11 successful events. The events hold 32-36 people and host a bunch of fun, social activities, such as bushwalking, tea tasting, cocktail making and yoga classes. The atmosphere is chilled, as people sip wine and converse “in the most relaxed way possible”.

Perusco is planning on expanding the company nationally, looking to Melbourne and Brisbane first. So look out Melbourne, you might have one more cultured and classy event to add to your agenda. These events don’t just cater for single heterosexuals; Perusco has put on a number of events for the gays and lesbians, while also including events for the 40 plus age group.

Perusco was inspired to take people away from their phones at her dating events. So if you’re over seeing people constantly on their phones, even when they’re with a group of friends, then this may come as a breath of fresh air to you. “That makes me feel good that at the end of every event; for at least two hours, we got a group of people together and no one had to check their phone.

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