Nurture These 5 Things to Leave a Legacy

Find where you lie in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and conquer each level as you move towards a picture bigger than your life.

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Nurture These 5 Things to Leave a Legacy

Many of us want to leave our own little legacy on this Earth.  To know we have made an impact bigger than ourselves is a life well lived.  But to get to this stage you must first take care of your needs, from the most basic physiological needs to being confident in who you are.

Physiological Needs

The most simple things in life, without which we would fail to exist, are air, food, water, clothing and shelter.  In Australia, most of us are lucky enough to have our physiological needs met. In fact, most of us have too much food, too many clothes, and a house big enough to have a ‘junk room’.  But that is a different topic all together!

Safety Needs

War, natural disasters, family violence and abuse can leave people wounded in more ways than one.  We even crave economic security at work and it can lead to stress if this need is not met.

Love and Belonging

The need to belong and feel loved is extremely strong, so much so that people can remain in abusive relationships or families just to feel loved.  Without this pull to others you can feel lonely, anxious or depressed.  Finding a place where you can love and be loved will fulfil this need and bring joy to your life.


This is where a few people may come unstuck. Self-esteem and self-respect is an internal battle many people struggle to win. Outsourcing this will never work, no matter how much others say and love you.  If you don’t love yourself you can spiral downwards very quickly. Finding belief in yourself and who you are will give you confidence, independence, and strength to expand who you are.


Working on something bigger than yourself, leaving your legacy on this Earth, whether it be with your family, your workforce, or your country.  Being a part of something more than yourself is why people start charities, mentor people and volunteer. They want to give and don’t need anything else but the feeling of giving.

Find Yourself

Find where you lie in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and conquer each level as you move towards a picture bigger than your life.