Nespresso-Compatible Pods That are Biodegradable and Have That Café-Style Goodness

A Melbourne café experience all from a single pod

Nespresso-Compatible Pods that are Biodegradable and have that Café-Style Goodness

Way back in the year 2014, the brothers Rashid and Ammar Roumani, like many of us, were over the idea of paying increasingly overpriced takeaway coffees each day and decided to make the investment in coffee-pod machine. Although convenient, they still realised that something was missing. The pair then began the struggle of finding Nespresso compatible pods that were still jam-packed with the coffee flavours and aromas that they so greatly loved and adored. They came to realise that the home-machine wasn’t the problem it was the absence of high quality blended Melbourne coffee in a pod form.

The pair began their journey to create the ideal coffee blends and roasts in the convenient Nespresso pod form. The two wanted to create a coffee that was bespoke of other coffee blend competitors and didn’t compromise on taste, smell, quality and experience. The result was POD CO. Coffee.

POD CO. Coffee was created with the aim to replicate Melbourne-made coffee similar to that of a classic café experience. The team created a pod that was roasted, ground and packed locally in Melbourne. It seemed as though the team achieved café quality coffee that could be enjoyed without even leaving the home. However, the team didn’t stop there.

With the team finding out that it takes 150-550 years for a typical coffee pod to break down in landfill, they felt dissatisfied with their creation and decided to not destroy the planet in the process of bringing their coffee dream to life. With that, saw to the development of a fully biodegradable and compostable pod that breaks down in as quick as 90 days. This innovative and sustainable mindset has seen the POD CO. team to continue evolving their mission plan to continue bettering their company and product.

POD CO. Coffee has successfully created a premium coffee pod range that is adored by their loyal customer base. With a flexible and ethical vision the company has evolved for the better year after year. The team’s passion is clear as they focus on bringing the best coffee experience to their customers above anything else. There is no doubt, that POD CO. has achieved what may have initially be considered the impossible, they have been able to create a great tasting coffee – guilt-free.