‘Hot Ones’ is Literally the Hottest Talk Show Going Around – And It’ll be Your new Obsession

For being the guy who suffers to allow us to laugh at the pain of celebrities, Sean Evans is the hero we don’t deserve.

'Hot Ones' is Literally the Hottest Talk Show Going Around - And It'll be Your new Obsession

If you’ve ever eaten a jalapeno chilli, take yourself back to that moment. Unless you’re some sort of chilli champion, it probably had a fair bit of spice to it, right? Now take that heat, and multiply it by 563 – that’s hard mental maths, but what we all know is that that is a hell of a lot of spicy action going on. Now, think about how it would go down if Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Idris Elba were to take on that battle against the raging fire of over two million Scovilles.

I have good news for you – you can go and fact-check your theory on how they fared against the footage of how they actually did. If you don’t already know (which I’m guessing if you’ve gotten this far, you probably don’t), Hot Ones is the talk show that asks all your favourite celebrities to do the former alongside host Sean Evans.

It is somewhat platonically masochistic, but it’s impossible not to enjoy watching some of the world’s most famous faces tackle the planet’s hottest sauces. It’s truly a niche concept, but it plays out majestically on screen as Evans – who must be credited as an absolute champ given that he eats the mind-blowingly spicy winds alongside his guests – throws some exceptional questions at them as they struggle to control their bodily functions, which anyone who’s ever eaten something beyond their chilli boundaries can attest to happening.

If you’ve run out of tv shows to binge, or you’re just looking for something that will make you feel better about how your day’s going, dive into the myriad of celebrity interviews and enjoy knowing that you’re not having questions about your life thrown at you while you suffer the wrath of millions of Scovilles.

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