Must-Have Cosy Items For Your Home

Simple everyday items that you could snuggle up to

Must-Have Cozy Items For Your Home
Must-Have Cozy Items For Your Home

When it gets cold, it can feel like your trapped in the snow and sometimes turning the heater on simply isn’t enough. Blankets, hot water bottles and fluffy socks are essentials to keep yourself snuggly and warm. Here’s a list of 4 must have items that you might not have considered, to keep you warm over the colder months.

Weighted eye mask.
These wonderful inventions will help you drift off into a peaceful sleep, they also cover your ears so will soften both the light and sound around you.

Weighted blanket.
If you’re not ready to go to sleep but still want the relaxation and calming effect of getting ready to sleep, a weighted blanket is perfect to snuggle up with when you’re on the couch.

Slipper booties.
Soft and plushie these booties are a cross between socks and slippers with a non-slip bottom to keep you on your feet whilst still having the soft feel below your feet.

Temperature-controlled mug.
The perfect mug for those who often forgot about the tea or coffee they just made, Rechargeable and ready to keep your drink warm for as long as it takes for you to drink every last sip.

Now, get your comfort on and make this winter the cosiest one yet! 

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