Murder, Mystery and Makeup: This YouTuber has it all

Bailey Sarian is a beauty Youtuber with an odd combination of topics

Murder, Mystery and Makeup: This YouTuber has it all

Bailey Sarian, a beauty YouTuber with 2.8 million subscribers and 1.5 Million followers on Instagram, gained her fame over the years through her unique and distinctive content. Most of her videos present her doing her makeup whilst talking about gripping true crime stories. Yes, it does sound a little odd, but this combination is one that is surprisingly interesting.

Majority of her videos are 30-minutes in length, keeping you hooked every second of the way whilst entranced on her perfect make-up technique. Her videos make you feel like you are getting ready with her and chatting casually to a friend while yes, speaking about gruesome, terrifying true crime dramas.

Back in September, Netflix released an original true crime documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door, about Chris Watt, a father who mercilessly murdered his wife and daughters. This documentary was heavily criticised by viewers saying that Netflix purposely held back information and portrayed the victim, Shannan Watts, in a bad light. This is when Bailey Sarian gained even more recognition for her content. Bailey Sarian talked about the Chris Watt case in great detail in one of her Murder, Mystery and Makeup videos with thousands of concrete evidences and without any biases. Many of her true crime-make-up fans urge everyone to watch her video instead of the Netflix documentary to get the full details of the case without any information being held back.

Some viewers think the fact that Sarian can talk about violent crimes in detail so casually is a little bit problematic and unsettling. However, most of her viewers support what she’s doing and love the way she tells stories. As long as she’s not hurting anyone, people see her content as a form of creativity and expression.

It is really fascinating how content creators got more and more creative with their out-of-the-box contents nowadays. Although Bailey Sarian’s content seems such a bizarre combination of topics, people love her for her authenticity and realness when talking about true crime cases. Check out one of her videos below!