Mandy Presents: 5 Musicals to Plan By

Top 5 Musicals and When to Watch Them.

Les Miserables Musical, Photo: Deen van Meer,,, crowd ink, crowdink
Les Miserables Musical, Photo: Deen van Meer

1: Netflix and Trill

The Sound Of Music: “Doh – a deer – a female deer”, you’ve heard it, you know it, you love it. Time to get a Netflix account all you venison lovers who don’t give a toss about spelling errors. This is the film that inspired the ‘gone with the window’ segment of ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’, where drag queens had to make a runway look out of nothing but window furnishings. So if you’re into; ratchet DIY dress-making, yodelling puppets, and naughty nuns instructing overly polite children whilst evading Nazis – this is the musical for you. Particularly for a mellow night in.

Choice songs: The Sound Of Music, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, and So Long, Farewell.

2: A Personal Treat for Escapism

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine: Ever been to a party where you felt left out when drug experiences were being discussed? Never fear, because here’s an education. Now you can have all the benefits of an acid trip without exposing yourself to the dangers of unnecessarily licking every foreign object in your backyard… Get in that talk huddle. Concoct some technicoloured fallacies inspired by this viewing. Fake it ’til you make it, baby! Because ‘The Beatles’ got your back.

Choice songs: EVERYTHING. It’s The Beatles, dammit!

3: Did Someone Say Date Night?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: One of the wisest choices you will ever make. Firstly, it’s a great gauge for sussing out sexual orientation without wriggling the question into conversation. Handy info to know if you might be considering future “group activities”, you saucy little devil yooouuu. Secondly, it’s bat-shit crazy, unapologetic, glam-bam-thank you ma’am, fun from start to finish. Every song: brilliant. Every character: memorable. And you’re date will think you ever so colourful and a touch enigmatic for picking this. Keep ’em guessing tiger. Grrrowl ; )

Choice songs: The Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite.

4: Bucket List Deposit

Les Miserables (NOT the film version): There’s a reason this is one of England’s West End’s longest running stage productions. And did I mention said stage can revolve? It’s. A. miracle! You will be swept through the whole spectrum of human emotions with this one. So it’s BYO Kleenex. Am I for totes realsies cereal? Ya’hup. Witness impeccable child performers. Watch the French Revolution made totally vivid. This is period drama at its finest. Tickets to London can be booked through

Choice songs: Master Of The House, Can You Hear The People Sing and Empty Chairs At Empty Tables.

5: This Should Live On Your Shelf… FOREVER

The Wizard Of Oz: When I was a kid, this film was my everything. It made even more sense when years later I got diagnosed with bi-polar. So that scene where Dorothy enters Oz and it all goes from black and white to colour… Yeah. This whisks you away and really captures a lot of what Frank L. Baum originally wrote. 77 years old and though sequels and reinterpretations have been concocted, no one has dared attempt a remake/reboot. Why? Because you just don’t fuck with a masterpiece.

Choice songs: The whole score and every line of lyrics. Commit it to memory. Pay it forward. Perform one at karaoke.

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