How to Make Use of Your Unwanted Goods

What better way to get some extra money over the holidays?

Spring Clean (Image Source: inhabitant),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Spring Clean (Image Source: inhabitant)

After a big spring cleaning, you may find your cupboards overflowing with unused, unnecessary bits and pieces that you don’t want anymore. It’s very easy to see your stuff as worthless purely because you don’t find worth in it yourself. But, before you pull out those trash bags and make your way to the garbage bin, take a moment to think about what you’re throwing out. Many people may actually find use from your goods, and you shouldn’t be throwing out stuff that’s still got a few years’ of quality use. For those feeling like making the most of their things, here are 3 things that don’t involve the garbage bin.

Sell it

What better way to get some extra money over the holidays? Spruce up your old goods and promote them for all that they’re worth. You may not need them anymore, but someone else could be dying for it, and selling means that you both win.

You will find that most states will have Facebook groups which encourage users to buy and sell their products online. Look around for local groups in your suburb or city that are selling clothes, books, shoes and even whitegoods, and use them to promote your for-sale items.

It’s also useful to try around other websites. If your stuff is still good quality, try selling on Ebay or Etsy. If you aren’t much a fan of online selling, look around for markets or swap meets that you can attend. If you don’t mind waking up at a ridiculous hour and paying a small price for a spot, this could be a great option for you. Get your friends and family involved and hoist up a nice little stall for all your unused goods.

Remember: presentation is key, so when selling your things make sure you are making a visually appealing stall, or taking a quality, well-lit photo that is going to fully promote what’s on offer.

Donate it

Unless your stuff is completely ruined, donating is a great way to ensure it’ll get a second chance to shine. You are bound to be located near a Salvation Army or local op shop, and if not, most groups have bin locations where you can drop your stuff off. Dig up that pile of old clothes and quirky ornaments and send it off to a new home.

It’s important to make sure that the stuff you are donating is still of value, though, as many donation bins are constantly filled with useless goods that workers are forced to throw away. Only give away what you genuinely think could be reused, because otherwise your efforts will be pointless.

Recycle it

Can’t see yourself selling or donating the rubbish you’ve found? Find another use for it! You can find second hand uses for almost anything, whether it just be rubbish for your compost bin, or a cool new Christmas decoration. You can use old shoes and plastic bottles as pots for plants, filling them with soil and planting your favourite herbs in them. Or why not cut up your old clothes and sew up a blanket or pillow for the couch or your pet? The list is endless; all you need is an imagination.

Rummage through everything you’ve piled up to throw away and try looking at it in another way. This is a great way to spend the weekend doing DIY with the family. It’ll be a fun way to get those creative juices flowing and keep yourself productive all weekend.

The best thing to remember is to always think before you chuck something away. No matter what it is, there are plenty of ways that you can minimise the amount of trash you contribute to the large numbers of landfill. A sustainable, recyclable way of living is the best option for you, and for the earth.