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Virtual Success Summit
Virtual Success Summit

The world as we know it has been changed, and it is likely that some of these changes will end up being permanent. While many of us may be ruminating over our lives as they once were, the upheaval caused by the current coronavirus crisis offers us an opportunity to reflect on the past. The routines and regularities we’ve become accustomed to may never be accessible like they once were, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Is our idea of normal really a better alternative to the future?

Going back to the way things were may not be the best idea. Embracing the idea of change gives us the opportunity to fall back into old routines and habits, some of which may have been detrimental to our personal growth and development. A fresh start can give us a unique chance to not only examine who we are, but also alter our life’s trajectory onto a greater path.  To do this, we can evaluate our passions, strengths and weaknesses, while also identifying areas where we may need to upskill. Perhaps we can develop personal exit strategies for the pandemic or provide a blueprint of our future goals and aspirations. Either way, we are working to create a great life that focuses on future success and fulfillment.

The first week of the Virtual Success Summit has been super exciting it a great line up of speakers. A summary of our favourites are here:


Will.I.am shared the importance of increasing network of influences so you can have a global mindset.

His tips include:

  • Be a constant doer. Doesn’t matter the obstacles it takes, just make it happen
  • Work on creating your dreams, don’t pay attention to what others are saying
  • Important to be creative, what matters is what you’re creating, time doesn’t exist when you’re creative
  • Have the will and desire to succeed, determination, courage
  • Keep going, improve your skill sets and surround yourself with the most creative talent

Lord Alan Sugar

You need to have passion, experience and skill before going into any business.

His tips include:

  • Your destiny is in your hands – you need to take the leap and opportunity
  • Spot new opportunities always, keep an open mind. Constantly monitor the marketplace
  • Stick to what you know – your industry, your knowledge and creativity
  • Have good worth ethics – have a good work life balance, have good discipline
  • Show appreciation – for your team, answer questions and connect with them on a daily basis

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Think of the likes of Tony Robbins, the world’s top life strategist, Spanx founder Sara Blakely and Sir Richard Branson, the innovative mogul of the Virgin business empire. Each speaker is a leader in their own right in their given industry, whether that be sport, business, entertainment or marketing.

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