The Jake Fox Band Proves They Can Play Any Genre

How Jake Fox mixed his love his reggae, blues and psychedelic rock to build a band that can do it all.

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The Jake Fox Band

Jake Fox recently released his second album Free Spirit with self-titled band, The Jake Fox Band, giving us all the genre-bending album we didn’t know we needed.

Band members Elliott Hahn, Niall McDicken, Rebekka Pentti, Shooty Tanahashi, and Jake Fox give us tracks that walk the line from blues to reggae to funk, showcasing this Australian band’s ability to check all the boxes.

From road trips to beach vibes to rainy winter days, this album has a song for every occasion.

Up All Night

The first song off the album brings the reggae, funk vibe hard. Featuring heavy bass and trance-like mellow vocals, this psychedelic track gets its unique sound from the influx of flute in the background. The addition of the surprising instrument puts an interesting twist on what would otherwise be classic jammin’ reggae hit.

In The Water

The band’s single comes second on Free Spirit and immediately shows off the versatility of these artists. With a wistful and whimsical melody and breathy vocals, the genre quickly switches gears into more indie folk music. The song, written by lead vocalist and band creator Jake Fox, was inspired by his love of the ocean and surfing. The song encapsulates the feel of surfing for Fox and the message is beautifully simple, about, “you and your next wave.”


Reminiscent of Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz, Dedication is CrowdInk’s pick for catchiest song. Though not the single, with lyrics like “stay up all night, drink wine, talk about life,” it’s impossible not to find this upbeat song relatable and endlessly enjoyable. More indie-pop than their other tracks, this is the perfect song to put on your next mix for a summer roadtrip. Roll down the windows, put your feet up and ‘talk about life.’

Fragile Minds

The last song off Free Spirit finishes the album with haunting vocals and a sweet melancholic melody. Focused more heavily on poetic lyrics set to slowed down acoustics, Fragile Minds, is an emotional tune set to enchanting instrumentals. Wait for the end for a killer guitar solo.

Head over to their official website to learn more about this up and coming band and listen to their new album Free Spirit. You don’t want to miss out on being able to tell your friends about them first.