Is Heavy Metal Toxicity Weighing You Down?

Have you heard of heavy metal toxicity? It's affecting your health on the low. Let's have a chat.

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Is Heavy Metal Toxicity Weighing You Down?

Many years ago, heavy metal toxicity was found only in those working in certain industries, but these days it found even in the umbilical cord of an unborn child.

Heavy metals are dense in atomic weight. They accumulate in the body tissues and are difficult to eliminate. The main ones that cause issues are cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminium. They have always been part of our environment, however have been on the rise since industrialization.

Heavy metals find their way into our bodies through fertilizers, paints, and chemicals we use within the home, batteries, petrol. Heavy metals are even present in the air we breathe and the food we ingest.

Mercury can be found in some fish and shellfish that we eat due to the high level in the ocean. Mercury is also in the fillings in our teeth and some medications.

Cadmium is found in batteries, drinking water, fertilizers, plastics, tobacco, and some foods such as rice.

Aluminium is present in medications, deodorants, soil, air, and food products

A high level of heavy metal in the tissues can cause symptoms such as headaches, infertility, autoimmune disease, cancer, neurological problems, and weakness of muscle, digestive problems and fatigue.

Limiting your exposure as much as possible by limiting the mercury containing fish, eating organic food where possible, using environmentally friendly and chemical-free products within the home, aluminium-free deodorants and removing all mercury fillings from your mouth, is essential to your health.

Detoxification is a progress in which heavy metal and other substances are removed through chelation therapy. Chelation is defined as “the process of binding” and when the substance is ingested, the heavy metal binds to it, to remove it.

By doing a yearly complete detox including chelation therapy, you can drastically reduce the build-up of heavy metals.

Spirulina or chlorella can be used daily as a binding substance to eliminate daily-build up for heavy metal toxicity.

There are two methods of determining your heavy metal exposure. The first is the oligoscan, a quantitative analytical method, which consists of measuring the absorbance or the optical density of a chemical substance. The machine tests your toxicity level to individual heavy metals and the deficiency of minerals. The downfall is that you cannot test children less than 12 years of age.

Hair mineral analyse is an older form of testing, but requires a laboratory. Hair that is not coloured and preferably not recently washed with chemical shampoos is recommended for children who want to be tested.