If No One Knows Your Business, You’re Not Doing This Right

If you’re not telling your story, it’s no one wonder your business isn’t standing out.

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This week, the unforgiving lens of the ever-capturing camera was placed directly into the lives of both myself and a strong business friend in Alex Storer of AWS Productions to highlight the liberating ups and devastating downs of our business experiences.

Two solo business owners.

Both now with sustainable and consistent levels of business success.

Both now ready to share this experience with the harsh, rarely forgiving watching eye of the public.

Experiences that can be gut-wrenchingly terrifying and unexplainably euphoric all in the same day.

Why on earth would we do it?

Why put ourselves through such a strong magnifying glass that takes significant time out of working on our own businesses that generate solid revenue?

The answer is because telling your story is one of the most powerful things you can do for your brand.

So many new and (barely) existing business owners struggle to understand why it is they aren’t standing out in the market.

We can get so caught up in thinking that “because our own businesses are all we can practically see, then that means everyone else is seeing it everywhere too.”

If our own internal story is so filled with the journey of our business, then shouldn’t everyone else realise, notice, and appreciate that story?

Shouldn’t they automatically notice me when I release a new product I’ve slaved for 6 months over just to add value to the market?

Not a chance.

If only it were that easy.

We forget that everyone else has their own stories to live by, their own struggles and successes throughout the day to experience.

We fail to understand that in order for people to take notice of our business and its story… we kind of have to … actually tell the story to others.

If you find yourself in a market flooded with an avalanche of similar services, products or offers and are struggling to get noticed, then it’s likely you’re not storytelling.

New products and services are created, replicated and tweaked every day. But one thing that will always remain 100% uniquely yours is your story.

It’s the one thing you have to offer that no one else can.

So go tell it, and reap the rewards as those who follow appreciate the realness of everything it means to be human – failures, success and all.