How Nuzayra Haque-Shah is Digitalising the way she Does Law

How Nuzayra Haque-Shah is Digitalising the way she Does Law

As a creative entrepreneur and small business owner herself, Nuzayra loves
working with startups and creative professionals and has represented clients in cannabis, technology, design, fashion, and entertainment.

CrowdInk were fortunate enough to dig a little deeper into Nuzayra’s story, chatting one-on-one with the founder of “NH Legal”.

What’s the Inspiration Behind Your Business?

My inspiration comes from freedom and beauty. What drives me everyday is my desire for freedom to have a life and business that I love and enjoy. I am a creative at heart as such I love to innovate ( and cause some good disruption along the way!) so my work is inspired by beautiful things and people — nature, music, stories — they all inspire me to bring my creativity to life.

What is the Problem You’re Trying to Solve? Or USP?

We are modernizing the way law is practised by replacing the age-old hourly billing with flat fee and subscription based services. Our practice is virtual and our team is remote – goal is to maintain a paperless environment to reduce our carbon footprint while enhancing the client experience through a tech-based collaborative approach to the attorney-client relationship. The notion that talking to an attorney is intimidating and expensive because you are paying by the hour is real for many entrepreneurs who don’t have major venture capital funding. There was a void in the industry for accessible flat-fee legal services and I wanted to play a part in filling that void.

Who is Your Ideal Customer? 

Entrepreneurs who want to create a positive impact through their business while building generational wealth and are ready to scale past 6 figures by leveraging their intellectual property assets.

Have you Been Impacted by Covid, if so how have you Pivoted Your Business?

I went into my business full time in Jan 2020 right before covid hit so my business basically grew during the covid era. Having a 100% virtual practice helped because we did not have to really pivot.

What are Your Goals for 2022 and Beyond?

To have digital products which will make legal resources and tools more accessible for small business owners.

What Advice do you Have for Other Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs? 

Proximity is power so surround yourself with people that will inspire and uplift you. Set boundaries with those who are draining your energy and time — there is nothing wrong with saying “no” to people or opportunities that don’t help your dreams and goals.

You can connect with Nuzayra via:

Instagram, Facebook and Clubhouse: @nuzayraesq

LinkedIn: Nuzayra Haque