How “I Wish You Were Here” Became “Here is Wherever You Are”

My partner and I have been travelling the world for years. Here's the why and how.

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Couple Travelling Together

My partner, Troy, and I have travelled a lot this past year including South Korea, the Whitsundays and Uluru in Australia, New Zealand, the US, India, and the UAE. We love travelling as much as we can, because we love seeing new places, trying new activities and of course, taking lots of photos and videos to help share our experiences.

As we spent the first 10 months of our relationship as a long distance couple from Seoul to Sydney, Troy and I usually travel together these days! We love exploring the world together.

Highlights over the past year include walking around the outside of New Zealand’s tallest building, rolling down a giant hill in a big plastic ball (zorbing), riding camels in Uluru, catching tuk-tuks all over India, celebrating in a 3-day Indian wedding, touring one of the world’s most beautiful mosques, showing Troy (an Aussie) around Washington DC, touring one of the US’s oldest (and creepiest) prisons and going ‘blackwater rafting’ inside a cave!

We focus a lot of our content on travel tips. We are always looking for ways to save money, do more with less time, have meaningful travel experiences and push our limits.

We have already got quite a full agenda for 2016. We are heading to Europe first to see Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, and England. Then we’re celebrating Easter in Hawaii. We’ve also been invited to a friend’s wedding in Sri Lanka and hope to make another stop in the US at the end of the year!

Lauren and Troy are the CoFounders of Wish You Were Here, an Australian-based travel blog. They focus on unique destinations, activities, events, and “wish you were here worthy” places.