Make the Most of a Sale to Rejuvenate Your Home

The sales are on! Make sure you're making the most of them.

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Rejuvenate Your Home

Are you getting tired of the same look in your home? Wait for clearance sales and then buy smart.

Take advantage of sales to shop for various pieces for your home.  Big ticket items such as sofas and dining tables should especially be purchased during clearance sales. However, upon finding a sale, it’s also easy to buy lots of stuff you don’t need or that doesn’t work in your home.

Here are my top tips to make the most of furniture and homewares sales:

Make a ListBe very clear and specific about what you want, especially when it comes to accessories and other homewares such as crockery. There are so many cool, funky, desirable new designs that will inevitably catch your eye. Do you need it? Is it on your list? Does it suit your home’s interior style?

Have a Budget. Even though things are on sale, it’s a good idea to have a budget and make your money go further. If you encounter a good salesperson they’re going to try and upsell you, but if you have a budget you’re less likely to be tempted.

Negotiate. Even though you’re buying furniture and homewares at sale prices, negotiate, maybe not on price, but on added extras like cushions for your sofa, a longer warranty, free delivery.

Measure your space, especially if you’re intending on buying big items like beds, sofas, coffee tables, and so on. If you have the right measurements you’ll avoid buying something just because it’s on sale only to find it doesn’t fit. Is too small or too big?

Be patient. The sales are a good time to buy, but the stock on sale might not be for you. Don’t be tempted to buy just because things are on sale. Wait for the right piece. There’s no doubt another sale is not too far away.

Never let a sale pass you by without considering if it’s time to re-decorate or re-design your home.