6 Pies for Pi Day (Everyday)

Happy Pi Day (3.14)! Celebrate the right way with the right pi(e) for the right day!

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Happy Pi Day (Image Source: Lifesabatch)

Happy Pi Day, ya’ll! CrowdInk has compiled some of our favorite tried and true pie recipes to celebrate the day right. Here are the winners:

Whiskey Chocolate Pecan Pie

This is actually my personal favorite pie. Whiskey + Shortbread Crust + Chocolate * ∏ = The Best Pi Day ever.


Raspberry Buttermilk Pie

This is the perfect early spring picnic pie. This raspberry custard pie is made to be eaten on a porch with mulled wine or a steamy cup of hard cider. Don’t forget the grandma-knitted blankets and St. Vincent’s-salvaged pillows.


Banoffee Pie (It’s Vegan)

This one has some weird ingredients. However, with bulk sale organic places popping up all over the place, this one’s worth a trip to your local hippie-hangout for almond butter and coconut oil. Once you go vegan, you’ll never go back.

(Also check out this very important gif of a cat eating a banana).


Southern Mac N Cheese Pie

The only improvement that can be made to pie is cheese. And maybe macaroni. And possibly a lot of black pepper, because monsters who eat mac and cheese without black pepper aren’t monsters I want to spend time with.

Fresh Strawberry Pie

This one is foodporn. Pure, unadulterated, NC-17 foodporn that you’d be proud to share with Grandma. It’s more like a bowl made of perfectly toasted pastry filled with glazed whole strawberries. There’s no real sales pitch for Fresh Strawberry Pie, except for one word: lovely.

Deep-Dish Pumpkin Meringue Pie (Or As I Call It, The Pumpking)

I actually made this one for Thanksgiving last year. And it killed for both presentation and taste. Lemon Meringue people your dinner guests? Covered. Classic Pumpkin Pie people your dinner guests? Got ‘em. Chicago Deep-Dish fanatics at your table? Shoot and score.

No one leaves hungry.

However you celebrate, have the best Pi Day yet, this year. Happy eating!

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