Horseback: The Best Way to Explore Botswana

Wildlife on horseback – an experience that no experienced horse lover should miss out on!

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Elephant in Botswana

Whilst many associate a visit to Africa on safari in a 4WD, overland or mini bus, there are a few other different experiences one must be sure to include. For the more adventurous, there is nothing more spectacular than seeing wildlife from a different angle. Whether it be from high above in a hot air balloon, a walking adventure, or simply on horseback, there’s something for everyone.

A horse-riding safari brings an element of peacefulness and the feeling of being one with nature; riding amongst wildlife is truly an experience. Galloping through the swampy flood plains of the Okavango Delta in Botswana or through a game-filled conservancy of the Masai Mara in Kenya is simply exhilarating and exciting.

With our saddlebags and packed picnic lunches, we were ready to set off in search of some wildlife. The Okavango has just enough water from the rains. As we canter along our excitement is building, for in the distance we see a herd of elephants. Approaching the herd allowed us to come close to buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, and giraffe, making sure we were a safe distance away as not to scare them. In fact, we were watching so intently we nearly missed a cheetah sitting on a small kopje staring back at us in fascination.

Returning to camp in time for dinner, we could only enjoy another highlight of a night game drive to finish off our adventurous day. Sleep came easily as we prepared ourselves for the next morning full of adventure.

“Bongwi, our guide, had exceptional knowledge of the bush and as many of us were keen birders, it was great fun birding from the back of a horse. We saw large herds of elephants and got chased on one particular day by a cheeky elephant cow, which got our adrenaline going! As we were trying to gallop away from her, we were galloping towards another herd of elephants. Thankfully, they got our scent and headed off at a fast rate,” Daphne Lindsay, who was a part of the horseback tour, states.

The camps and lodges were rustic with an authentic bush-style accommodation, spacious Meru tents and sumptuous meals. During our stay we were offered a different range of activities and interaction with local bushmen. As our trip came to an end after the 5 nights that we spent exploring the Okavango Delta, we were well on our way to see what else Botswana had to offer!

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Justine Glen considers herself one of the lucky ones. Having worked on an overland safari truck for three years, before residing in the safari capital of Tanzania for 12 years, a large chunk of her life has been dedicated to showing visitors the awe-inspiring destination that is Africa. Now with over 20 years’ experience, Justine has brought a dream to life by founding her own Africa travel company – Reis Voyage. Launched in 2015, Justine’s aim at Reis Voyage is to share her knowledge, passion and experiences in Africa and to inspire clients with a bucket list of luxury African adventures. Returning to Africa each year, Justine (who also speaks Kiswahili!) keeps her knowledge and experiences up to date and invites anyone to join her. ‘There is nothing better than landing on African soil and feeling all of your senses come alive’, says Justine. Reis Voyage is based in Melbourne. Visit or email